Thursday, August 11, 2016

This Book is SO (10): Omnious *dun, dun dun*

You know sometimes you're in the middle of a book and are just about to explode with feelings, be they good or bad, and you just want get them out there and no one is willing to listen. Well, that's what "This Book is So" is for; tell us how your current read is making you feel. Are you head over heels in love with, feeling kind of 'meh' about it, or maybe it's making you feel rage-y.

Last weekend I woke up with this need to revisit one of my favorite author's books. I hadn't decided which one I was going to read, I just knew that it had been entirely too long since I last lost myself in her writing.

Here's your hints:

  1. It was originally published in 1939
  2. I've read it, probably, five or so times
  3. It's a mystery though it doesn't have a detective
  4. If you scroll back to the beginning of the blog. I've talked about her books before...
Me getting absorbed in the mystery, even though I already know how it ends. 

You know, the characters really only have themselves to blame for their predicament. Ah, if only they had chosen a different path long ago.

Liars, each and every one of you!! I see behind that facade you're putting on!! 

Still, what a terrible snare that has been laid for them. 

Guys, this is one of my favorite books. It's not even in my top 5 favorites by her, but still one of the best mystery, thriller books that I have ever read. If you figure out which book I'm talking about, you should grab a copy and read it. 

So, what book do you think I read last weekend..... No peeking at GR!!!

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