Saturday, November 1, 2008

Number One, of My Top 5

I know, I've been dragging this out for awhile, but it's finally time to find out what is currently my absolutely, positively favorite Agatha Christie book, character(s). So I have recently read one of the Tommy & Tuppence Novels, and I have to say that they cracked me up.
Tommy is offered a potentially dangerous top secret job, while Tuppence who refuses to be left out of anything, decides to get involved, chaos ensues.

1. "N or M"

This suspenseful tale, takes place during WWII. Where it finds the Beresford's now matured, but still doing what they do best... having adventures. As this unlikely spy duo help to defend their country by routing out two highly placed Fifth Columnist. After being asked by the British Intelligence Service to go and stay at the Sans Souci guest house. Tommy shocked to see Tuppence there, leads them to team up to find out which of the guests is N or M.
To find out more about Agatha Christie visit the following link.

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