Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lady A

I am a huge music fan (who in my families opinion) listens to the radio way too much. But I really can't help it. Everyone says, "Orchid, turn your music down." But I do try to give every new artist, band, ect... a chance. *stop looking at me like that * The truth of the matter is, I don't like DIVA's, and I can only stand a few of those sickeningly, sappy love songs, or worse yet (I hate these the most) those I didn't get what I want, poor me songs!

Terribly sorry for that mild rant, back to music. While I am sure that by now, you have probably heard (if you haven't, you have probably been living under a rock)of Lady Antebellum. Their first single "Love Don't Live Here" was awesome, their follow up single "Looking For A Good Time" was just as good (if not better). As one of the newest groups to hit the radio, their CD is definitely worth buying.

If your looking for new music, I suggest giving Lady A a chance.

Another great song to check out is The Zac Brown Band's "Chicken fried".


For those who liked the song "When It Rains" by The Eli Young Band, I highly recommend sampling the CD on Itunes before you purchase it. I was going to ask for it.... Until I sampled it and realized I only liked the one song.

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