Sunday, November 2, 2008

Series That I Will Most Likely NEVER Get to Finish!!!

Over the past few years I came across three series that I might never get a chance to finish reading. Two of the series are by British authors, the third author is possibly American.

I think I'll start with Geoffrey Huntington's (not his real name)"Ravenscliff" series, it follows young Devon March.

"Is this the destiny he had come to find? To die in a house of secrets, to discover not his past but his fate: doomed to spend eternity as one more ghost haunting the halls of Ravenscliff?"

After the mysterious death of his father, Devon is sent to live with a friend of the family at the dreary seaside house of Ravenscliff. Shortly after his arrival to Misery Point, he learns that he is part of a three-thousand year-old tradition of magic and mysticism, a sorcerer of the Order of the Nightwing. Can he survive the mysteries that are deeply rooted at Ravenscliff long enough to stop a madman? Will Devon be able to decide who he can trust? Ravenscliff was published by Reagan Books which WAS an imprint of Harper Collins, sadly RB went under, the third book "Blood Moon" was completed, but it never made it to publication. I guess I'll never know how it ends *Gives a long dramatic sigh*.


  1. It really stinks that you'll never be able to finish that series.

    I briefly considered reading "Sorcerers of the Nightwing" but there's a clown on the cover, and I hate clowns. They're sooo creeeepyyy!!!!!!
    Is the clown the villain in the book? because if it is, then I will NEVER be able to read it. Normal clowns are one thing, but evil clowns would surely give me nightmares (which is really kind of sad at my age).

  2. Yes, the clown is the main villain. I guess you really don't want to read it now.


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