Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Series that I Will Most Likely NEVER Get to Finish!! Part 2

Yesterday I covered the "Ravenscliff" series. Today, we'll hear about "Spy High" written by A.J. Butcher. Which happens to be one of the best spy books I have ever read! "Spy high" has two different series.

The first of which follows Eddie, Ben, Cally, Lori, Jake, and Jennifer, the newest students to be called Bond team. Each of the four teams is named after fictional spy's like James Bond, Napoleon Solo, Richard Hannay, and Harry Palmer. They will have to overcome their differences to make it to graduation.

The first series consists of "Mission One", Chaos Rising", "The Serpent Scenario", "Paranoia Plot", "Blood Relations", and "The Annihilation Agenda".

"This year's Bond Team at Deveraux Academy is an unorthodox group—from Cally, a skilled computer hacker living on the streets, to Jake, the only student ever to have come from the agri-domes of the Midwest. At first, in-fighting and incompetence push Bond Team to within a hair's breadth of expulsion. But when the team is sent on a wilderness survival trip, they uncover a secret lab run by a maniac with the power and resources to threaten world security. Suddenly, expulsion is the least of Bond Team's worries"

The sixth book in the first series was Never published in the United States, neither was the second series.

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