Monday, December 1, 2008

The First Book

This past weekend we went to the used book store (the one where I found "Dragonwell Dead") and I found the first book in the Tea Shop Mystery series. I am so excited, I cannot wait to read "Death by Darjeeling" by Laura Childs.

"When a man is poisoned by tea, Theo is the prime suspect. Now she has to prove her innocence and track down the real killer-before someone else takes their last sip. Just the right blend of cozy fun and clever plotting. Tea lovers, mystery lovers, [this] is for you." (Susan Wittig Albert, author of Mistletoe Man)

So forgive me if I don't post as much this week. I have a whole stack of books that I still need to read, some that I have borrowed from my friends (i.e. "Daniel X" and "Howl's Moving Castle") plus a few of my own.
Dame Orchid


  1. Yay, you're finally going to read Daniel X! It;s about time, that book came out ages ago. :)

  2. I like your quote. Another good quote from Invader Zim is...
    "I gotta go, pig, I'll see you later. I GOTTA GO, PIG, I'LL SEE YOU LATER!" ~GiR

  3. Thank you Dahlia, for the quote from GIR. I think I will use that one next week.


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