Friday, December 5, 2008

Plastic Wars

Okay, this might seem a bit random, but here goes nothing.


I am sure everyone has heard about the lawsuit that was going on between Barbie (Mattel) and Bratz (I don't know who makes them). I think it was yesterday that a judge ruled in favor of Mattel (yay).

I will be ecstatic when the Bratz dolls are finally off of store shelves. They set a horrible example for young girls. especially since children happen to be very impressionable (that goes for both girls and boys). It is also very appalling that any parent in their right mind would even think about buying those trashy dolls for their child.

At least Barbie has held various jobs throughout her existence (i.e. doctor, veterinarian, teacher, you get my point), while Bratz have done nothing more than set a poor example for today's youth.

In case everyone forgot, Mattel even changed the size of Barbie's waist from an hourglass, to something a little more believable.

Click to read more about Mattel Vs Bratz .

Dame Orchid


  1. Yay! I hate Bratz, they're sooo trashy and they can't spell. I mean, Hellooo, since when did you use a 'z' to make something plural. What loserz, hehe. XP

  2. OMG! I am so glad that Barbie won! I hate Bratz dolls. They are such a poor influence on the young, impressionable girls they're aimed at, I mean, think back to your childhood. Wouldn't those things have given you some sort of complex about the way looked? The way you dressed? The fact that you had a nose? And they look like prostitutes! What is that?! I'm not so sure that this will be the end of Bratz, though. It's like Pandora's Box, you can't put it back. :'(

  3. When asked about the victory, Ms. Doll said "I'm, like, so happy. I think I'm going to use the $99 million to buy another diamond castle."

    Yay for Barbie! That's really all I have to say on the subject. :D


  5. huh, I actually liked Bratz for a while when I was little But then again, I liked Barbies too. Barbies were way prettier, but you have to admit, Bratz had way cuter clothes and hair. But what was with those shoes?

  6. I think Meg Cabot said it best when she called the Bratz dolls "prostitots". Bratz has set a bad precedent for young girls when it comes to body image. Have you seen their clothes and make-up? It is totally obvious that a man designed the dolls. They totally look like hookers. Go Barbie, at least she has ambition.

  7. Bratz dolls gave me nightmares. They are quite scary, and I'm happy they won't terrify little kids any more. Yay for Barbie!

  8. Hi Dame Orchid!
    I like both Barbies and Bratz. Okay, I'm not a kid anymore (lol). But I'm not against any of them. When I was younger, I liked Barbies, because there were no Bratz before that. Then Bratz came out and it was the hot-topic at school, and I liked both of them. Then the time came where there were new Bratz, new clothes and new products, like the Bratz convertable car. Eventually I (sort of) forgot about Barbies because Bratz was so popular. But if you look at them both, Barbie looks like a woman and Bratz look like teenagers.
    I like both =) I still have my Bratz.
    I understand what all of you are saying though. I'm not against any of you or your thoughts.


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