Sunday, January 4, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Last night I was tagged by Dahlia to answer some random questions with pictures from Google search.
The rules of the game are as follows: Type your answers to the questions below into the Google Image Search. Pick the best pictures and post them on your blog with little to no explanation.

I would like to go...

(Cedar Point)

My favorite place is...

My favorite foods are...
Favorite articles of clothing...Least favorite article of clothing... Favorite TV shows...

Town in which I live...
Screen name/nickname
First job...

Dream job... What I would buy if I had a million dollars...

Go to... My one wish...

I am tagging my followers E, Hanz, and 6.

Dame Orchid


  1. I too love amusement parks, cookies (but only when they're warm), boots and Psyche.
    Nice picks, though I don't think your One Wish is going to come true any time soon since Garth Brooks retired and it appears that he's going to stay that way. Sorry. :P

  2. Dahlia, your so mean! Crush my dreams why don't you.

  3. Jeeze, Dahlia, dream crusher much?!? Was that Gotham or NYC? And your least favorite article of clothing was GORGEOUS!!!


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