Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A few years ago at some library (I can't remember which one) I found this really awesome series that I pretty much devoured.
Fast forward to like, two years ago which has my Mom and me looking high and low for the whole series (i.e. online, used bookstores, and Barnes and Noble). Well much to my surprise I received the first two in the series for Christmas and then spent the next couple of months looking for the last two (I was victorious).
Again, fast forward to the present and what to my surprise did I find as I randomly search new releases on my favorite authors (I guess this is where I should tell you about the book).... L.J. Smith, author of the Night World series, has a new Vampire Diaries book coming out in February called Nightfall. Nightfall will be apart of the Vampire Diaries: The Return series.
I must admit that I was shocked. I mean come on, Dark Reunion came out in 1991, Nightfall will be out Feb 24, 2009 (you do the math).

I think this is a bonus. You can find the whole Vampire Diaries series at just about every bookseller, in two volumes with covers that are a whole lot cooler that the original ones. I almost forgot, Nightfall focuses more on Damon.

Dame Orchid


  1. I actually heard that the Vampire Diaries series isn't that great.

  2. Nadia, I guess its all a matter of perspective. Like, how someone will like Twilight and not like the Vampire Diaries or vice versa. :)

  3. I don't actually like reading about vampires that much. I've read a grand total of 1 1/2 vampire books (that I can think of).
    Glad a series you like so much is getting a new book, though. :)


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