Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How Clingy Are You?

I command you to (please) take this quiz. I am really curious what everyone else's answers would be.

Dame Orchid


  1. You're static clingy.
    You're like the furry sock that sticks to a pair of jeans as you pull them out of the dryer. Static cling isn't dangerous, but it can be a little annoying. Sometimes you can't stop thinking about the people you like, and you stress if they don't call you back fast enough or they go somewhere cool without inviting you. Try not to take other people's actions personally, because you'll end up hurting your own feelings. Just because someone wasn't thinking about you at that exact moment doesn't mean they don't like you. Now that you know you have clingy tendencies, you can be extra cautious.

    Whenever you feel like your happiness is getting wrapped up in someone else, try to relax, let go a little, and focus on other things... like cute puppies. Or iron-on T-shirts. Or cute puppies in iron-on T-shirts.


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