Sunday, March 29, 2009

Legacy of Lies

Author: Elizabeth Chandler
Series: Dark Secrets, book 1
Number of Pages: 192
First Publication: 2000
Genre: Teen Fiction/Horror and Suspense
Synopsis: "Something is haunting Megan...
She had seen Scarborough House only in her dreams. Now Megan was here, visiting the grandmother she'd never met, and her newfound cousin Matt, too handsome by far, who wanted her to disappear. Grandmother was so cold, so distant. Why did she finally reach out to Megan after all these years? And why was Matt so determined to call her his "almost" cousin? For all her prophetic dreams, nothing could have prepared Megan for Matt's astonishment when he first saw her...or the reaction of perfect strangers who looked at her with fascination—and fear...

Megan thought she knew who she was. Until she came to Grandmother's house. Until she met Matt, who angered and attracted her as no boy had ever done before. Then she began having dreams again, of a life she never lived, a love she never knew...a secret that threatened to drive her to the grave."

I could barely put Legacy of Lies down and I have already read it more than once. Its just one of those books that once you start reading it you would be hard pressed to put it down until you have finished it. Although, most people might find the book a bit odd, because Megan falls for Matt and vice versa, it's only weird because they are kind of, sort of, um, ******* but their not really ******* so its not nearly as gross/weird. Legacy of Lies is a great fast paced thriller full of shocking twists and turns. As the characters try to figure out who they really are and solve a sixty year old murder mystery surrounding two sister’s one guy and a mysterious fourth character that no one suspected.

Legacy of Lies receives 4 out of 5 cameo pendents.

I have been horribly lax with writing reviews this month, I have like seven partial reviews that I need to finish writing. But on a high note, Legacy of Lies is the 35th book that I have read this year (I have already started finished my 36th book).

Dame Orchid

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  1. I don't care if they're related by blood or not, cousins are cousins and they shouldn't date each other! Blegh! XP


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