Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Damien Omen II

Author: Joseph Howard                                                       (The image you see is the my copy of the book)
Title: Damien Omen II
Number of Pages: 199
First Publication: 1978
Genre: Horror
Synopsis: "Little by little, one of the world's most powerful families is being destroyed. And no one seems to know why. Those who suspect the truth do not live to reveal it.

Only thirteen-year old Damien Thorn seems immune from the bizarre accidents claiming the lives of those around him. Damien, whose own father tried to kill him seven years ago... Damien, whose loving foster family is learning the meaning of hellish fear... Damien, who is leaving behind the seeming innocence of youth to fulfull the terrifying prophecy foretold long ages ago... Damien, who is discovering that it is not , after all, the meek but the master of ultimate evil who shall inherit the earth!"

DOII was good, except for the end. I mean come on its not supposed to end that way. But it was fascinating to "watch" as Damien and everyone around him (who didn't die) realize that he isn't human, that he is EVIL.

The saddest part was when his cousin (who's more like a brother) Mark found out that Damien was evil, especially since he really looked up to and respected Damien. The biggest creeps would have to have been Buher and Neff, they weren't even creeptastic.
All in all a good read of good vs. evil or light vs. darkness (I know those are cliché, but who cares).

3 out of 5 cameo pendents.
Dame Orchid                                  

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