Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Author: Victor Hugo
Translator: Waltor J. Cobb
Number of Pages: 500
First Publication: 1831
Genre: Classic
Synopsis: "The Hunchback of Notre Dame, first published by Victor Hugo in 1831, is set in fifteenth century Paris. The archdeacon of Notre Dame, Claude Frollo, falls in lust with Esmerelda---a gypsy dancer who is much admired in Paris. At his instruction, Quasimodo, the hunchbacked bell-ringer of Notre Dame who he has befriended, kidnaps her. Esmerelda is rescued by Phoebus de Chateaupers (Captain of the Royal Archers) and she falls mistakenly in love with his bravery when he is in reality, something of a rogue and a braggart."

Ok, so I actually started The Hunchback of Notre-Dame a couple of (three) years ago, got bored with it and put it down. But boredom finally got the better of me so I decided to pick it up and finish it.

Turns out that it picks up some where around page 275 and becomes pretty interesting, until you get to the end and realize that it ends the same as just about every other classic book.
Not to speak ill of the dead...but Mr. Hugo went a little too far with his descriptions (a whole page to tell you about how the sun catches on Notre-Dame).
My favorite part would have to be (anything with) the crazy old lady that lived in the Tower of Roland who hated the gypsies, except that it was pretty easy to guess who her daughter was going to turn out to be.
If you have the patience to wait for The Hunchback of Notre-Dame to pick up there’s a good chance that you just might like it.

I give it 2 out of 5 cameo pendents.
Dame Orchid

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