Sunday, May 17, 2009

26 Capes Later: Day Fifteen

Movie: X2: X-Men United
Release Date: 2003
Runtime: 133 minutes
Rating: Pg-13
Genre: Action
Synopsis: "This spectacular sequel to X-Men outdoes its predecessor in virtually every way, presenting viewers with a dizzying array of thrills while further developing previously established characters, introducing new ones, and setting the stage for an explosive conflict to come. Threatened in the first film with genocide, the mutants and their advocates -- unofficially led by Dr. Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) -- find their right to privacy threatened by the newly proposed Mutant Registration Act, which enemies like General William Stryker (Brian Cox) hope to use as a means of tracking and eventually eliminating them. The noble Xavier and his team of X-Men still labor against evil, while the sinister Magneto (Ian McKellen) -- although imprisoned -- remains bent on subjecting humanity to mutant control. It wouldn't be easy for any director to do justice to this film's multiplicity of characters, relationships, and subplots, but director Bryan Singer is growing into the challenge: He hurls the viewer headlong into the narrative, which zips along at breakneck speed and pauses only to introduce such new characters as Pyro (Aaron Stanford) and Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), who falls for the beautiful but deadly Rogue (Anna Paquin). Halle Berry, returning as the weather-controlling Storm, doesn't get as much footage as she probably deserves; nor does James Marsden as Cyclops or Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as Mystique. But Famke Janssen's Jean Grey is showcased and plays a pivotal role in the proceedings, while Alan Cumming has a showy supporting part as the Scripture-quoting Nightcrawler. Judged on the basis of eye-popping special effects and spectacular action sequences, X2 would be an eminently worthwhile sequel, but the emphasis on characterization and underlying plea for tolerance make it more than a typical popcorn movie. As comic-book movies go, this one is, well, X-cellent in every way."

I think the second X-Men movie is just a little bit better than the first one, because the characters have matured a lot since the last film.

I still think that Jean Grey is a bit of a dull character. She just lacks a distinct personality.
Although I did love the adding of Nightcrawler to the story, he's one of if not my favorite X-Men.
It was also pretty cool that you got see just a little bit more of some of the other students like Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Siryn, and Jubilee during the invasion of the school.
Even though I’m not exactly a fan of Cyclops’s or Jean Grey it was just a tad bit sad the way he reacted to her loss.
I think my favorite part of the movie would have to have been the scene was Nightcrawler is breaking into the White House and wreaking havoc.
Least favorite part is when their in the jet and trying to lose their tail by using tornadoes as camouflage.
Still a great movie.

Dame Orchid

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