Saturday, May 2, 2009

26 Capes Later: Day One

Movie: Ultimate Avengers
Release Date: 2006
Run Time: 72 minutes
Genre: Animated
Synopsis: "As the world sinks into a deep crisis and the threat of ultimate destruction looms just over the horizon, the only hope for mankind lies in six superheroes in this animated Marvel feature. The world's most powerful superheroes have all been brought together in hopes of averting disaster, but with Captain America locked frozen in a solid block of ice for over 60 years, the powerful team must struggle to find a leader. As the reluctant superheroes combine their forces to fight for the good of mankind, the sudden emergence of an unexpected opponent from within their own ranks throws the entire mission -- and the fate of mankind -- into chaos."

Ultimate Avengers website (you know you want to click it).
First, I would like to extend my thanks to Dahlia for the awesome name of 26 Capes Later. Thank you, D.

Ultimate Avengers (UA from here on out) combines three of my favorite movies elements:
1. Its animated
2. It has superheroes
3. it’s an action flick
Team Lineup:
Captain America (Steve Rogers) leader of the Avengers and dealing with a world that has left him behind.
Iron Man (Tony Stark) cocky, yet brilliant billionaire who designed his armor (you saw the movie Iron Man, right?)
Thor (Norse god of thunder) he just rocks. Thor's so cool that he even has his own soundtrack (check out the movie soundtrack on I-Tunes).
Black Widow (Natalia Romonoff) former agent of the KGB now General Fury's right hand.
Wasp (Janet Pym) who can shrink and grow little fairy wings and has some kind of blast (I don't know how she puts up with Hank).
Giant Man (Hank Pym) He can grow in stature *hahaha*, he is also very arrogant and cocky.
General Fury leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I think it was interesting that UA begins with Captain America fighting in WWII and than you find out how Cap became trapped in ice after saving the day, where he remains for the next 60 years. Until S.H.I.E.L.D. finds his body incased in a glacier; their plan use the tissue from Cap’s body to help restart the S.S.P.
Project Avenger was meant to be the worlds safeguard against the Chitauri since the Super Soldier Program has yet to show any signs of success, which would put the afore mentioned capes on the same team. When must of them are civilians who are nursing either a grudge against Fury (Giant Man) or they're are more interested in glory (Iron Man) or in Thor's case they just don't want to get involved in mortals problems.
Needless to say the Avengers were formed and the day was saved.

UV has a ton of great voice over’s, Wasp who is voiced by Grey DeLisel (Azula), Hulk is done by Fred Tatasciore (he's like meant to voice the Hulk, like, Kevin Conroy is meant to voice Batman).
Worst part of the movie would have to be Bruce Banner (a.k.a. Hulk) who is nothing more than a sniveling pain in the neck. Hulk’s ok (except for when he’s trying to smash the good guy’s), Banner, not so much.

Does anyone else think tthose who do voice over's don’t get the recognition they deserve?

Dame Orchid

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