Thursday, May 7, 2009

26 Capes Later: Day Six

Movie: Superman Doomsday
Release Date: 2007
Runtime: 78 minutes
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Animated
Synopsis: "Inspired by the best-selling DC comic The Death of Superman, the animated feature Superman Doomsday finds the Man of Steel locked in mortal combat with an intergalactic serial killer named Doomsday. Never before have two rivals of such equal footing squared off in a duel to the death that could determine the fate of an entire planet. Will Superman summon the strength needed to save Metropolis by making the ultimate sacrifice, or could it be that the denizens of this bustling city are about to witness the demise of the greatest protector they ever had?"

Surprisingly enough after a certain point in Superman Doomsday, Superman is not in it. Why? Because he "died", that's why.
I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Superman , but his movies are generally pretty good. I just think that he is too much of a goody-goody boy scout.
Out of all the leading lady characters that are civies in movies, Lois Lane is kind of cool in Superman Doomsday, she's willing to do just about anything to get the scoop; including putting herself in harms way. Jimmy made me laugh (which is always a good thing).
Has anybody else ever noticed how Perry White and J. Jonah Jameson seem kind of similar. They're both editors for magazines, and don't really like their resident cape.
I liked the beginning of the movie when Lex is talking to himself as he watches Superman saving the day on TV and is making the whole speech about how even gods must die, I think it sets the tone for the remainder of the movie.
                                                           (Superman VS Doomsday)

Another thing I didn't like was the way that did Superman's face made him look a bit older than he's supposed to be.
Superman Doomsday is a great yet bloody animated action movie, which I loved.

Dame Orchid

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