Monday, May 18, 2009

26 Capes Later: Day Sixteen

Movie: X-Men the Last Stand
Release Date: 2006
Runtime: 104 minutes
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Action
Synopsis: "The X-Men trilogy draws to an eminently satisfying conclusion with this highly emotional, action-packed installment focusing on the final showdown between the "good" mutants led by Dr. Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and the "evil" ones led by Magneto (Ian McKellen). The latter's carefully calculated rebellion against human society gathers momentum when the government announces its plans to implement a recently discovered "cure" that neutralizes the mutant gene, but the X-Men (and -Women) remain steadfast in their defense of the status quo -- even though it poses risks to them as well. Director Brett Ratner, who made his bones helming the Rush Hour movies, demonstrates his mettle by steering the complex story line through a maze of plot complications and new characters. He also shows himself more than equal to the task of staging elaborate action sequences that rely heavily on cutting-edge special effects, and the film's climactic donnybrook is one that X-Men fans will long remember. One thing, though: Prepare yourself for a high body count. Several major characters in this franchise won't make it to the final fadeout, although colorful new ones -- including Kelsey Grammer's Beast, Ben Foster's Angel, and Vinnie Jones's Juggernaut -- take their places. Of paramount importance is the fate of Jean Grey (Famke Janssen), resurrected from the dead as the aptly named Phoenix; her character is the linchpin of the whole story. As superhero movies go, X-Men: The Last Stand is top shelf in every respect, and it’s sure to hold up in repeated viewings."

X-Men: The Last Stand is by far my least favorite of the X-Men movies.
I wish that Angel had played a bigger role in the movie, like, more than a couple of scenes (his wings were awesome).
Strangely enough I felt bad for Mystique when she saved Magneto from being shot by the cure and then he just left her because she was no longer one of them. Although I think Karma paid Magneto back in the end, when he was received the cure unwillingly.
And I would like to know why they felt the need to kill off just about all of the X-Men (Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Professor X)?
 I can understand why Rogue would want to take the cure to get rid of her powers, but I still don’t think she should’ve.

It was also nice to see Wolverine finally become a team player.
I also liked how some of the younger mutants were now team members, I think it added a little more life to the team.
My favorite part(s) of the movie was when Kitty was racing Juggernaut to get to Jimmy first and the fight scene at Jean’s childhood home.
My least favorite part of the movie was when Jean killed the Professor.
Favorite characters for this movie would have to have been Wolverine, Angel, and Kitty.
Even though it’s my least favorite of the three x-Men movies I still loved it.

Dame Orchid


  1. I agree, Angel (and his awesome wings) should have played a bigger role. Juggernaut chasing Kitty was my fave scene too, you know, after all the brief glimpses of wing. And Dr. X didn't really die, he came back at the very end in a new body, hel-looo! I can't wait to see Wolverine!

  2. 21, I know he came back in a new body in the end, but I forgot to mention it.


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