Saturday, May 23, 2009

26 Capes Later: Day Twenty-One

Movie: Batman Begins
Release Date: 2005
Runtime: 140 minutes
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Action
Synopsis: "A sizable number of critics and fans alike have called Batman Begins the greatest comic-book movie ever made, a claim that would be difficult to dispute even if we wanted to. The film has been made without any trace of condescension or campiness by Christopher Nolan, a talented director whose previous thrillers, Insomnia and Memento, both bear the noirish hallmarks he brings to Batman's origin. The story begins with multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) drifting around the Orient and winding up in the mountain fortress of Ra's Al Ghul, the enigmatic head of a vigilante fighting force devoted to exterminating evil without regard for the niceties of due process. Wayne trains with these warriors but spurns their offer of membership, instead returning to his hometown, Gotham City, to wage his own secret war against the criminals that have overrun it. And to do that he decides to become...well, you know. It's great to see such a film brought to the screen with a serious tone and respect for the underlying property; a respect Nolan underscores by casting A-list actors in the supporting roles. Oscar winner Michael Caine does fine work as Wayne's butler, Alfred, whose wry sense of humor isn't overlooked by the screenwriters. Liam Neeson plays Henri Ducard, the front man for Ra's Al Ghul and Wayne's primary instructor. Morgan Freeman appears as Lucius Fox, a Wayne family confidant who helps the grimly determined scion adopt his new identity by secretly furnishing state-of-the-art gadgetry. The earnest performances of these superlative actors -- along with those of supporting players Katie Holmes, Tom Wilkinson, Gary Oldman, and Rutger Hauer -- lends Batman Begins credibility usually absent from comic-book adaptations. This Batman is truly a frightening figure, an eerie apparition of the night that swoops from the sky and takes human form to pummel his prey. Destructive but non-lethal, he cuts a wide swath through Gotham's underworld while maintaining the pose of irresponsible playboy Bruce Wayne. Here, finally, is a Batman movie that gets it right. Those who grew up with the character as depicted in the '60s TV show might find Bale's incarnation a trifle too revisionist, but it's actually a whole lot closer to the Dark Knight created for the comics by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939. And we approve heartily."

Batman is, like, my favorite superhero ever, which makes Batman Begins one of my favorite movies.
Batman Begins is a definite improvement on the Batman franchise and Christian Bale's the best Batman that I have seen. Another improvement would have to be the costume which was cooler and more functional than the last few (remember the one who couldn't move his head and had to turn his body to see to the side).
Ah, where would Bruce Wayne be without Alfred...most likely dead or something. I absolutely loved Michael Caine as Alfred, his witty remarks made me laugh. Rachel Dawes was an okay character, but I wish they had gotten someone other than Katie Holmes to play her in the first movie. She just isn't that good of an actress and she's kind of irritating. Ra's Al Ghul made for a great villain.
 My favorite scene was when Bruce was training with the League of Shadows, especially his final challenge.  For the moment I cannot think of a scene that I didn't like. 

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