Saturday, June 27, 2009

Great Expectations

Author: Charles Dickens
Title: Great Expectations
Number of Pages: 490
Publication Date: 1861
Genre: Novel
Synopsis: "Considered by many to be Charles Dickens's finest novel, Great Expectations traces the growth of the book's narrator, the orphan Philip Pirrip (Pip), from a boy of shallow dreams to a man with depth of character.

Young Phillip Pirrip's life is shaped by an act of kindness which raises him from poverty to wealth. One of the greatest works of classic literature, this novel is a timeless tale of love, hope and humanity."

In a effort to finally stop putting off reading Great Expectations I took it with me on a road trip, and finished all but the last 80 pages before I got back home.
 I must say that once I finally sat down and really got into the book, it was really captivating. 'though I wanted to shake Pip a few times throughout the book at points
  My biggest problem with the book was how Pip acted towards Joe after he came into some money, I thought it was just down right rude and made him seem like an ungrateful little monster who spends all his time mooning over a girl and wasting the money that he’s given. And his foolish dream to become a “gentleman” so that he can impress Estella. Who in my opinion isn’t worth it, because she’s cold and callus. And let's not forget the vengeful Miss Havershim, who after getting her heart broken just sat around her house in her wedding gown and one show slowly poisoning Estella's view on men.
Other than feeling bad for Joe with the way that Pip treated him I also felt bad for his benefactor.
Still a pretty good book with great descriptions of characters and everything.

3 out of 5 pineappples.
Dame Orchid

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  1. I had to read this for English Lit and it nearly killed me. Then I was told to read it AGAIN! I hated it.


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