Saturday, July 25, 2009


This past week I got Coraline on DVD where I saw the trailer for the movie 9, and it looks awesome (I can't wait till it comes out).
So without further nonsense I give you the trailer for 9.

(I've decided to drop the Dame part of my name and just go by Orchid).

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  1. Okay, the music rocks! Agree?
    I'm not entirely sure I understand what it's about (robotic upheaval and the only survivals were voodoo dolls?), but the imagery is phenomenal, and the sound track is killer, so I'm in! 9 looks amazing!
    (I'm trying to refrain from using the word "awesome" because it's come to my attention that that word has reached its quota for this decade. I mean, come on, people, thesaurus much?)
    P.S. Has anyone else noticed the proliferation of the number 9 in movie titles? o_O
    P.P.S. Does anyone the name of the song in the trailer? I want it!


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