Saturday, September 12, 2009

In My Mailbox (13)

In My Mailbox was started by The Story Siren and inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. Sadly the only books I order are those that are hard to find. The following books are from the library and bookstores.

Title: Third Girl
Series: Hercule Poirot Mystery
Publication Date: 1966
Synopsis: "A near-fatal dose of poison, a blood-stained knife, a revolver, and a family who are not what they seem figure in an extraordinary case that takes celebrated detective Hercule Poirot from a village estate to the bohemian streets of London--in a matter of life and death."

Series: French Revolution (book 1)
Publication Date: 2007
Synopsis: "An exciting, romantic novel set against the feverish backdrop of the French Revolution.

Clever and head-turningly attractive, fourteen-yearold Yann is an orphan who has been raised in Paris by TĂȘtu, a dwarf with secrets he has yet to reveal to the gypsy boy. It's the winter of 1789, and the duo have been working for a vain magician named Topolain. On the night when Topolain's vanity brings his own death, Yann's life truly begins. That's the night he meets shy Sido, an heiress with an ice-cold father, a young girl who has only known loneliness until now. Though they have the shortest of conversations, an attachment is born that will influence both their paths.
And what paths those will be! Revolution is afoot in France, and Sido is being used as a pawn. Only Yann will dare to rescue her, and he'll be up against a fearful villain who goes by the name Count Kalliovski, but who has often been called the devil. It'll take all of Yann's newly discovered talent to unravel the mysteries of his past and Sido's and to fight the devilish count.
As in the award-winning I, Coriander, Sally Gardner has masterfully combined the historical and the fantastical in this sumptuous, riveting adventure."

Used Bookstore:
Author: Alyson Noel
Title: Evermore
Series: The Immortals (book 1)
Publication Date: 2009
Synopsis: "Ever, trying to drown out her new psychic powers by listening to loud music and covering herself with hooded sweatshirts and sunglasses, feels a sudden and overwhelming connection to Damen, the too-good-to-be true new guy at school. Unlike the other people she has encountered since the accident she somehow survived, she cannot see his aura or hear his thoughts. It is clear from the start that something is not quite normal with Damen. He does not seem to eat or sleep, conjures flowers, has the uncanny ability to seem to know what Ever is thinking, and has knowledge far beyond his seventeen years. Beautiful and cruel Drina seems determined to make to Ever suffer. Drina, Damen, and Ever share a long history as their lives have been entwined for hundreds of years. This first novel in the Immortals series will appeal to fans of the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer, and in fact, seems heavily inspired by it. Although here the beings are immortal, the partial explanation of what that entails is revealed in the closing chapters of the book, which poke a healthy amount of fun at the idea of vampires existing. Ever is ultimately a likeable character as she heals and learns to forgive herself for the accident that killed the rest of her family and let go of her dead younger sister, Riley, who has been a companion to Ever throughout the book. She also falls head over heels in love during the process."

Since I still have yet to finish Graceling (one of my friends borrowed it and hasn’t returned it yet) and My Bonny Light Horseman from my last trip to library, so I only checked out two books this week, plus Evermore which I picked up at the used bookstore. They had the sequel Blue Moon, but I decided to only get the first one just in case I don't enjoy the first one. I checked out The Red Necklace because I’ve read just about every other book in the YA section (at one point or another) at my library. Third Girl simply because Agatha Christie is my all time favorite author, plus I’ve never read this one.

Well that’s all for me this week, so what did ya'll get this week?


  1. I'm working on Graceling, so you should have it back soon. :)
    Can I borrow Evermore after you read it? =)

  2. Ooo - I've really wanted to read Evermore.

  3. Evermore is really good; I'm reading Blue Moon now! Hope you enjoy your books!

  4. Nice books, I've had Evermore for the longest and still haven't read it hehe ;]


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