Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Thief Lord

Number of Pages: 345
Publication Date: 2000 (2002 in English)
Genre: Children's Fantasy
Synopsis: "Prosper and Bo are orphans on the run from their cruel aunt and uncle. The brothers decide to hide out in Venice, where they meet a mysterious character who calls himself the "Thief Lord." Brilliant and charismatic, the Thief Lord leads a ring of street children who dabble in petty crimes. Prosper and Bo relish being part of this colorful new family. But the Thief Lord has secrets of his own. And soon the boys are thrust into circumstances that will lead them, and readers, to a fantastic, spellbinding conclusion."

I was a bit skeptical at first about The Thief Lord, being that the characters were so very young, but this book was simply amazing. Great story, good writing, and a great cast of characters.
I found the relationship between Prosper and Bo (cute, yet mischievous) to be quite refreshing, mainly the lengths in which Prosper went to ensure the safety and well being of his little brother (VS the typical siblings who don't get along very well) from running away from their horrid aunt (Esther was HORRIBLE) and uncle who only wanted to keep Bo (because he looked like an "angel") and were going to send him (Prosper) off to a boarding school were he would only get to see his brother every now and again (like the occasional holiday).
I absolutely loved their whole little gang of thieves (Prosper, Bo, Scipio, Hornet, Mosca, and Riccio).
The Thief Lord is a thrilling book about the trials and tribulations of a gang of street urchins and the troubled kid they call the Thief Lord.
So as to not give away the end of The Thief Lord I am going to conclude my review by saying that if you haven't read The Thief Lord yet what are you waiting for.

The Thief Lord earns 5 out of 5 pineapples. 

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