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The Luck of Texas McCoy

Author: Carolyn Meyer
Title: The Luck of Texas McCoy
Number of Pages: 183
Publication Date: 1984
Genre: Fiction
Synopsis: "Sixteen-year-old Texas, in order to keep the ranch left to her by her grandfather, sells some acreage to a movie company as a location for western films, and finds herself becoming involved with a young actor."

The last time I read The Luck of Texas McCoy was at least six years ago and when I saw it on my libraries website I decided to put it on hold so that might read it again. Thankfully it was just as good as I remember it to be.
The Luck of Texas McCoy is about a sixteen year old girl named Texas (she changed her name from Melanie when she was thirteen) who after her grandfathers death inherits the family ranch. Because she's the only one left who wouldn't sell after he was gone. Along with the ranch she also inherits his debts and has to find a way to cope with missing him, paying off his debts, and turning the Lazy B into a successful working ranch.
If that wasn't hard enough her mother, sister, and grandmother move out leaving her all alone.
Along the way she makes some new friends and deals with her grief over losing her grandfather.
There's only one thing I would change about the book and that would be how after the death of Texas's grandfather she dropped out of school to run the ranch, that is the only thing about the actual book that I didn't like or agree with.
The only thing that made me mad was that some previous reader of The Luck of Texas McCoy took a pen and crossed out the two minor curse words that were used a grand total of, like, five times. It just irks me when people deface books, it's one thing if it's your own book, but to mark one that doesn't belong to you well that's just not cool.
The Luck of Texas McCoy is definitely a must read that I would recommend, if you can find it that is.

The Luck of Texas McCoy earns 4 out of 5 pineapples.

I couldn't find a picture of the cover anywhere online, so I had to scan it into my computer and crop the picture. All so I could have the cover as part of my review and IMM.


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  1. This sounds very good. Nice that it didn't disappoint after all this time. I'd agree on the dropping out of school. Not a good option to emulate. And defacing public books? Definitely irksome!


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