Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Winds of Change

Author: Mercedes Lackey
Title: The Winds of Change
Series: Mage Winds (book 3)
Number of Pages: 475
Publication Date: 1992
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: "In this sequel to Winds of Fate, Elspeth, heir to the throne of Valdemar, develops into a strong practitioner of magic under the tutelage of Darkwind k'Sheyna. Accepted as a member of the k'Sheyna clan of the Tayledras, magicians who cleanse lands damaged in the long-ago Magic Wars, Elspeth takes her turn in patrols searching for the vanished Falconsbane, an evil Adept who almost destroyed the clan, its Heartstone, and Darkwind's father Starblade. While Elspeth and Darkwind slowly and contentiously come to love each other, her companion Skif seeks the Changechild Nyara, daughter of Falconsbane, who turned against him to save the Vale of the k'Sheyna and then fled into the wilderness with the enchanted sword Need. Aided by the powerful but mysterious mage Firesong k'Treva, the Vale fights off another attempt at destruction by Falconsbane, while still greater powers put in an appearance and set the stage for the Mage Wind trilogy's projected third title. This is a charming, colorful and romantic coming-of-age tale, deeply imbued with the concept of responsibility as well as the imagined pleasures of power."

The second book in the Mage Winds trilogy was just a bit slower than the first one, but that didn't prevent me from enjoying every minute of reading it. 
The one thing that I really enjoy about reading fantasy books is that the stories are generally told from more than one characters point of view. You get to see not only the hero’s journey, but you also get to delve deeper into the minds of the evil characters and find out what motivates them to do what they do. I believe that Mercedes Lackey has written one the most vile villains that I have ever read and not only that Falconsbane wasn't are heroes only problem, there was also Huulda and Ancar to boot. Who were just as bad as he was. Being that they all practicing blood mages.
I loved how Elspeth's character evolved from being a slightly selfish and impatient princess and became a little more normal in The Winds of Change.
On a whole The Winds of Change had kept the story flowing and prepared you for the final book in the  Mage Winds series.
I would definitely buy and re-read this both Wind of Fate and Winds of Change given a chance.

Winds of Change earns 5 out of 5 pineapples.


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