Monday, November 9, 2009


Author: E. Lockhart
Title: Dramarama
Number of Pages:
Publication Date:
Genre: Fiction
Synopsis: "Two theater-mad, self-invented fabulositon Ohio teenagers. One boy, one girl. One gay, one straight. One black, one white. And SUMMER DRAMA CAMP. It's a season of hormones, gold lame, hissy fits, jazz hands, song and dance, true love, and unitards that will determine their future —and test their friendship."

I actually didn't like this book in the least bit. Of course I don't even like to watch musicals. The only reason I checked it out was because I thought it would be funny, but the only thing it ended up being was a quite dull read with a cast of characters that I couldn't stand for the most part. Except for Nanette she was okay. Everyone else just irritated me, especially the main character Sarah/Sadye.
The reason I didn't like Sadye was she came across as shallow and had a pretty poor attitude when she realized that she wasn't as good as the other drama camp students.
One thing I did like about the book was the cover. I loved it, especially how the eyes of the girl on the cover it were covered. That's the best thing I can say about this book from my perspective.
Although Dramarama wasn't my type of book, (please) don't let my review deter you from picking it up and giving it a shot. Because what one person doesn't like, might turn out to be another's favorite.

Dramarama earns 1 out of 5 pineapples.


  1. Ouch. Sorry you didn't like it. As proof of your last statement, I loved this Dramarama! I found the characters to be refreshing and real, and considering that this was chick lit, they were surprisingly not annoying.
    Great review! Even if it was a little harsh, I appreciate your honesty. ^-^

  2. Great review. I always appreciate honesty. Doesn't sound like something I would like either. Thanks for saving me the time. I do like the cover too!

  3. Nice honest review, definitely not picking this book up but I do like the cover though!

  4. Alyssa and Eleni: Thanks, I was afraid I'd ruffle some feathers with that review. :)

    ZG: Glad you enjoyed it. :)

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