Saturday, November 14, 2009

In My Mailbox (21)

In My Mailbox was started by The Story Siren and inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. Sadly the only books I order are those that are hard to find. The following books are from the library and bookstores.

Author: John Marsden
Title: Burning for Revenge
Series: Tomorrow (book 5)
Publication Date: 1997
Synopsis: "The journey to Stratton isn't an easy trip, especially when the enemy's headquarters lie somewhere along the way. And that's exactly where Ellie and her friends unwittingly find themselves. With only five of them against hundreds of armed soldiers, escape seems like a suicide mission. But Stratton is where Ellie's grandmother lives, so the journey must be made -- even though the odds aren't good. Ellie must summon all of her courage and guerrilla instincts to survive the latest high-stakes installment of the action-packed Tomorrow series."

Author: Mark Walden
Title: H.I.V.E. The Higher Institute for Villainous Education
Series: H.I.V.E. (book 1)
Publication Date: 2006
Synopsis: "Otto Malpense may only be thirteen years old, but so far he has managed to run the orphanage where he lives, and he has come up with a plan clever enough to trick the most powerful man in the country. He is the perfect candidate to become the world's next supervillain. That is why he ends up at H.I.V.E., handpicked to become a member of the incoming class. The students have been kidnapped and brought to a secluded island inside a seemingly active volcano, where the school has resided for decades. All the kids are elite; they are the most athletic, the most technically advanced, and the smartest in the country. Inside the cavernous marble rooms, floodlit hangars, and steel doors, the students are enrolled in Villainy Studies and Stealth and Evasion 101. But what Otto soon comes to realize is that this is a six-year program, and leaving is not an option. With the help of his new friends: an athletic martial-arts expert; a world-famous, beautiful diamond thief; and a spunky computer genius -- the only other people who seem to want to leave -- can Otto achieve what has never been done before and break out of H.I.V.E.?"

Author: Robin McKinley
Title: Sunshine
Publication Date: 2003
Synopsis: "A mesmerizing novel of supernatural desire. They took her clothes and sneakers. They dressed her in a long red gown. And they shackled her to the wall of an abandoned mansion-within easy reach of a figure stirring in the moonlight. She knows that it is a vampire. She knows that she's to be his dinner, and that when he is finished with her, she will be dead. Yet, when light breaks, she finds that he has not attempted to harm her. And now it is he who needs her to help him survive the day . ."

As you can see I only picked up three books this week from my library. I'm hoping that after I finish reading H.I.V.E., Burning for Revenge, and Sunshine to catch up on my TBR pile of personal books that I own and haven't read yet.
I can say that H.I.V.E. (which I just Finished) was awesomely funny, and I cannot wait to review it (along with a long list of other books I need to review and publish).
Cannot wait to see what everyone got in their mailboxes this week.



  1. You have some interesting titles I have not heard of before. I will be watching for your reviews.

    Elie (Ellz Readz)

  2. Hive looks awesome! Happy reading.

  3. I have been waiting for my books store to get Sunshine. I think it sounds so interesting. Hope you enjoy all your books.


  4. Looks like alot of good books. Enjoy!!

  5. I haven't heard of any of the books you got this week, they sound intresting!
    Happy reading my friend!

  6. Haven't heard of the first two, but Sunshine looks really good! Don't you just love the library? They have so many good books that you can take chances on unknowns without wasting any money.

    Happy reading!

  7. Alexia561: Yes, I love the library. I practically live there and too true about not wasting money on an unknown book. :)

  8. All your books look great -- I'm going to have to add "Sunshine" to my list of vampire books to tackle.

    Happy reading!

  9. Not heard of any of those books. Happy reading!

    Here is mine:

  10. Interesting looking books! Hope you enjoy your reads! : D

    Jessica W.

  11. wow, loving your blog and your IMM post!

    I've done my own IMM this week, if you're interested...

    Aimee :)

  12. Wow you have some great looking reds there!

  13. Great books you got this week. I loved Burning for Revenge, it was my favourite out of the series. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

  14. Ooh, Sunshine. I've been meaning to get that one. Lovely cover.

  15. Very interesting selection. I love the sound of Sunshine - definitely one for the wishlist.

  16. Wow, they do look and sound very good. Have fun reading them.

  17. I bought Sunshine earlier this year and enjoyed it. Not my favorite of her books, but I do think you'll like it, too.

    I still haven't even started the Tomorrow series and I'm waiting to read your review on H.I.V.E., you've already got me interested!

  18. great books! i need to get a copy of sunshine! hope you enjoy them all! happy reading!

  19. great books you've got, enjoy reading!

  20. I've always wondered about Sunshine! Interested to hear what you think!


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