Tuesday, January 5, 2010

100+ Reading Challenge 2010

1. The goal is to read 100 or more books. Anyone can join. You don't need a blog to participate.

--Non-Bloggers: Post your list of books in the comment section of the wrap-up post. To learn how to sign up without having a blog, click here.

Now here's a contest I can sink my teeth into. Since I managed to read over a hundred books last year I decided to join the 100+ Reading Challenge this year.

Here are the Books I have read so far this year:
1. Land of Loss- K.A. Applegate
2. Enter the Enchanted- K.A. Applegate
3. Realm of the Reaper- K.A. Applegate
4. Discover the Destroyer- K.A. Applegate
5. Fear the Fantastic- K.A. Applegate
6. The Other Side of Dark- Joan Lowery Nixon
7. The Night is For Hunting- John Marsden
8. The Other Side of Dawn- John Marsden
9. Watch the Skies- James Patterson
10. Mother Angelica's Answers, Not Promises- Mother Angelica with Christine Allison
11. Ruined: A Ghost Story- Paula Morris
12. The Crystal Cave- Mary Stewart
13. Feeling Sorry for Celia- Jaclyn Moriarty
14. Nightmare- Joan Lowery Nixon
15. For the Love of Venice- Donna Jo Napoli
16. Lord Loss- Darran Shan
17. The Hollow Hills- Mary Stewart
18. The Ear, the Eye and the Arm- Nancy Farmer
19. Don't Look Behind You- Lois Duncan
20. 13 Little Blue Envelopes- Maureen Johnson
21. Dead Is So Last Year- Marlene Perez
22. The Dark Side of Nowhere- Neal Shusterman
23. Blue Moon- Alyson Noel
24. Dragonsinger- Anne McCaffrey
25. Dragondrums- Anne McCaffrey
26. Gallows Hill- Lois Duncan
27. Dragon's Blood- Jane Yolen
28. The Last Days- Scott Westerfeld
29. Sabriel- Garth Nix
30. The Blue Sword- Robin McKinley
31. The Stepsister- R.L. Stine
32. Full Tilt- Neal Shusterman
33. Fool Moon- Jim Butcher
34. Fire- Kristin Cashore
35. Tattoo- Jennifer Lynn Barnes
36. The Rowan- Anne McCaffrey
37. Cart and Cwidder- Diana Wynne Jones
38. Drowned Ammet- Diana Wynne Jones
39. Gunpowder Green- Laura Childs
40. A Break With Charity: A Story About the Salem Witch Trials- Ann Rinaldi
41. Dragonsong- Anne McCaffrey
42. Eye Candy- R.L. Stine
43. The Society of S- Susan Hubbard
44. Charmed Life- Diana Wynne Jones
45. Armageddon Summer- Jane Yolen and Bruce Coville
46. The Face- R.L. Stine
47. Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know- Diane Mozcar
48. What It Means to Be a Christian- Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)
49. Eye of the Crow- Shane Peacock
50. Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature- Robin Brande
51. Crocodile Tears- Anthony Horowitz
52. The Demon’s Lexicon- Sarah Rees Brennan
53. Dairy Queen- Catherine Gilbert Murdock
54. Seeker- William Nicholson
55. Stolen- Vivian Vande Velde
56. The Off Season- Catherine Gilbert Murdock
57. Secret Vampire- L.J. Smith
58. Rowan of Rin- Emily Rodda
59. The Restless Dead- M.T. Anderson, Kelly Link, Deborah Noyes, Holly Black, Marcus Sedgwick, Libba Bray, Chris Wooding, Herbie Brennan, Nancy Etchemendy, Annette Curtis Klause
60. Death In the Air- Shane Peacock
61. The Reminder- Rune Michaels
62. Son of the Mob: Hollywood Hustle- Gordon Korman
63. White is for Magic- Laurie Faria Stolarz
64. Sure Fire- Jack Higgins
65. Private- Kate Brian
66. Skin Hunger- Kathleen Duey
67. Runaways- Tom Clancy & Diane Duane
68. Angle Isle- Peter Dickinson
69. Fang- James Patterson
70. The Musicians Daughter- Susanne Dunlap
71. Sacred scars- Kathleen Duey
72. Bernadette: The Only Witness- Rev. John W. Lynch, S.M
73. The Devil’s Kiss (ARC)- Sarwat Chadda
74. City of Bones- Cassandra Clare
75. Radiant Shadows- Melissa Marr
76. A Pearl Among Princes (ARC)- Colleen Murtagh Paratore
77. Fade to Blue (ARC)- Sean Beaudoin
78. Panama (ARC)- Shelby Hiatt
79. A Living Nightmare- Darren Shan
80. The Vampire’s Assistant- Darren Shan
81. Tunnels of Blood- Darren Shan
82. The Apostles- Pope Benedict XVI
83. Another Faust- Daniel and Dina Nayeri
84. Both Sides of Time- Caroline B. Cooney
85. Heist Society- Ally Carter
86. City of Ashes- Cassandra Clare
87. Need- Carrie Jones
88. Her Royal Spyness- Rhys Bowen
89. Diamonds in the Shadow- Caroline B. Cooney
90. How to Say Goodbye in Robot- Natalie Standiford
91. The Unknowns- Benedict Carey
92. Hex Hall- Rachel Hawkins
93. Driver's Ed- Caroline B. Cooney
94. The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl- Barry Lyga
95. My Sword Hand is Singing- Marcus Sedgwick
96. The First Scream- R.L. Stine
97. Thwonk- Joan Bauer
98. The Blind Barber- John Dickson Carr
99. To Wake the Dead- John Dickson Carr
100. The Extraordinary Adventure of Alfred Kropp- Richard Yancey
101. The Crooked Hinge- John Dickson Carr
102. The Case of the Constant Suicides- John Dickson Carr
103. Stargazer- Claudia Gray
104. Rules of the Road- Joan Bauer
105. Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover- Ally Carter
106. Daughters of Darkness- L.J. Smith
107. Prophecy of Days- Christy Raedeke
108. Aunt Dimity's Christmas- Nancy Atherton
109. Gathering Blue- Lois Lowry
110. City of Glass- Cassandra Clare
111. Leviathan- Scott Westerfeld
112. Lady Fortescue Steps Out- Marion Chesney
113. Airborn- Kenneth Oppell
114. The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifaxx- Dorothy Gilman
115. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
116. Eyes Like Stars- Lisa Mantchev
117. Taken by the Others- Jess Haines (Review coming in Nov.)
118. Glass Houses- Rachel Caine
119. The China Governess- Margery Allingham
120. The Mysterious Benedict Society- Trenton Lee Stewart
121. Priestblock 25487: A Memoir of Dachau- Jean Bernard
122. The Ruins of Gorlan- John Flanagan
123. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
124. The Blue Girl- Charles de Lint
125. The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax- Dorothy Gilman
126. The Dead Girl's Dance- Rachel Caine
127. My Lost Daughter- Nancy Taylor Rosenberg (Win a copy HERE)
128. Vampire Knight, VOL 2- Matsuri Hino
129. Quiche of Death- M.C. Beaton
130. Pegasus ARC- Robin McKinley (working on review)
131. The Shadow Club- Neal Shusterman
132. Model Spy- Shannon Greenland
133. Ouran High School Host Club, VOl 1- Bisco Hatori
134. Ouran High School Host Club, VOl 2- Bisco Hatori
135. Fruits Basket, VOL 2- Natsuki Takaya
136. The Game- Diana Wynne Jones
137. Death Note, VOL 1- Tsugumi Ohba
138. The Ghost and the Goth- Stacy Kade
139. The Demon's Covenant- Sarah Rees Brennan
140. Vampire Knight, VOL 4- Matsuri Hino
141. Vampire Knight, VOL 5- Matsuri Hino
142. Death Note, VOL 2- Tsugumi Ohba
143. Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time, VOL 1- Tohko Mizuno
144. Death of a Village- M.C. Beaton
145. La Corda d'Oro, VOL 1- Yuki Kure
146. Running Out of Time- Margaret Peterson Haddix
147. Love*Com, vol 1- Aya Nakahara
148. Jade Green: A Ghost Story- Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
149. The Half-Made World- Felix Gilman
150. The Prince of Tennis, vol 1- Takeshi Konomi
151. Love*Com, vol 2- Aya Nakahara
152. Love*Com, vol 3- Aya Nakahara
153. Love*Com, vol 4- Aya Nakahara
154. Pirates! The True and Remarkable Adventures of Minerva Sharp & Nancy Kington, Female Pirates- Celia Rees
155. Punch!, vol 1- Rie Takada
156. Zan-Gah: A Prehistoric Adventure- Allan Richard Shickman
157. Fruits Basket, vol 4- Natsuki Takaya
158. Zan-Gah and the Beautiful Country- Allan Richard Shickman
159. Naruto, vol 2- Masashi Kishimoto
160. Fruits Basket, vol 6- Natsuki Takaya
161. The Hounting of Hill House- Shirley Jackson
162. Vampire Knight, vol 6- Matsuri Hino
163. Three Black Swans ARC- Caroline B. Cooney
164. Spellbinder- L.J. Smith
165. Maximum Ride (manga), vol 1- James Patterson & NaRae Lee
166. Bones of Faerie- Janni Lee Simner
167. Cleopatra's Daughter- Michelle Moran
168. Geektastic ARC- Various authors
169. Ouran High School Host Club, vol 1- Bisco Hatori
170. Ouran High School Host Club, vol 2- Bisco Hatori

171. Ouran High School Host Club, vol 3- Bisco Hatori

172. Ouran High School Host Club, vol 4- Bisco Hatori

173. Ouran High School Host Club, vol 5- Bisco Hatori

174. Ouran High School Host Club, vol 6- Bisco Hatori

175. Ouran High School Host Club, vol 7- Bisco Hatori

176. Ouran High School Host Club, vol 8- Bisco Hatori

177. Ouran High School Host Club, vol 9- Bisco Hatori

178. Ouran High School Host Club, vol 10- Bisco Hatori

179. Kimmie66
180. Confessions of a Blabbermouth
181. The Plain Janes
182. Re-Gifters
183. Good as Lily
184. Clubbing
185. Elemental Gelade, vol 1- Mayumi Azuma
186. Gothic Sports, vol 1- Anike Hage
187. Gothic Sports, vol 2- Anike Hage
188. Gothic Sports, vol 3- Anike Hage
189. Runaways vol 1: Pride and Joy
190. Runaways vol 2: Teenage Wasteland
191. Runaways vol 3: The Good Die Young
191. Fruits Basket, vol 5- Natsuki Takaya
192. Infinity- Sherrilyn Kennyon
193. The Magician's Nephew- C.S. Lewis
194. The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe- C.S.Lewis
195. The Horse and His Boy- C.S. Lewis
196. Prince Caspian- C.S. Lewis
197. Fruits Basket, vol 7- Natsuki Takaya
198. The Gift of the Magi
199. Fruits Basket, vol 8- Natsuki Takaya
200. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader- C.S. Lewis
201. The Silver Chair- C.S. Lewis
202. The Last Battle- C.S. Lewis
203. Birth of A Killer- Darren Shan
204. Fruits Basket 9- Natsuki Takaya
205. Fruits BAsket 10- Natsuki Takaya
206. Fruits Basket 11- Natsuki Takaya
207. Paranormalcy- Kiersten White
208. Bad Kitty: Catnipped 1- Michelle Jaffe



  1. Yippee! So glad you are joining this one too! We are going to have so much fun in 2010!

  2. I haven't heard of any of these. Guess you're a Applegate fan. Have fun with the challenge!

  3. Alyssa: I only like her Everworld series. :)


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