Saturday, January 9, 2010

In My Mailbox (28)

In My Mailbox was started by Kristi of The Story Siren and inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. Sadly the only books I order are those that are hard to find. The following books are from the library and bookstores.

Author: Darren Shan
Title: Lord Loss1
Series: Demonata (book 1)
Publication Date: 2005
Synopsis: "Grubbs Grady has stiff red hair and is a little big for his age, which means he can get into R-rated movies. He hates history and loves bacon, rats, and playing tricks on his squeamish older sister. When he opts out of a family weekend trip, he never guesses that he is about to take a terrifying journey into darkness. Hungry demons and howling werewolves haunt his waking nightmares... and threaten his life."

Author: Darren Shan
Title: Blood Beast2
Series: Demonata (book 5)
Publication Date: 2007
Synopsis: "Grubbs Grady has so far escaped the family curse, but when he begins to experience alarming symptoms at the onset of the full moon, he is scared that the jaws of fate are opening and about to swallow him whole. He has cheated death, defeated demons, moved on with his life. But Grubbs is torn between the world of magic and his wolfen genes. Can he fight the beast inside or will he fall victim to his tainted blood?"
Author: John Marsden
Title: The Night Is For Hunting3
Series: Tomorrow (book 6)
Publication Date: 1998
Synopsis: "Hell’s a big place, but it gets crowded when Ellie and her friends take an uncooperative crew of orphans under their wing and into their hidden refuge. It’s not easy to keep four young children busy and happy in the bush, and things only get worse when Ellie and Homer find evidence that mysterious visitors have discovered their sanctuary. Could it be a patrol of enemy soldiers sent on a search and destroy mission? They find out all too soon. In a time and place where war robs your identity, makes you forget your past and fear your future, it seems impossible for Ellie to make sense of a world that is quickly falling apart. And after a peaceful food raid turns into a nightmarish fight for survival, escape back to Hell seems hopeless. Ellie, Fi, Homer, Lee, and Kevin brave the worst in this electrifying continuation of their battle to stay alive and sane in a war zone that was once their home. The Night Is for Hunting is the sixth book in the Tomorrow When the War Began series."

Author: John Marsden
Title: The Other Side of Dawn4
Series: Tomorrow (book 7)
Publication Date: 1999
Synopsis: "The Other Side of Dawn is the long-awaited, riveting, final title in the Tomorrow series about a group of teenagers in war-torn Australia. Since their home was invaded by enemy soldiers and transformed into a war zone, Ellie and her friends have been fighting for their lives. They have learned survival skills out of necessity and taken care of each other through impossibly dark times. Now, with a roar like a train in a tunnel, the war has entered its final days. There’s no more sitting around, no more waiting. There’s only fast decisions, fast action, fast thinking—and no room to get it wrong. As the enemy forces close in on their hideout in Hell, Ellie, Fi, Homer, Lee, and Kevin, and their adopted group of orphaned children, find themselves facing the last chapter of their struggle for freedom. But it may just be the most dangerous yet. And not everyone will survive."
Author: Joan Lowery Nixon
Title: The Other Side of Dark5
Publication Date: 1986
Synopsis: "Stacy wakes up in a room that's not hers, in a body she doesn't recognize, to discover she's been in a coma for four years. Her mother is dead--murdered--and Stacy, recovering from a gunshot wound, is the only eyewitness to her mother's murder. She can recall only a shadowy face, so far. But the killer is not about to let her reveal his identity..."

I received Lord Loss and Blood Beast as part of a book trade with Kelsey of The Book Scout. Thanks Kelsey.
The rest of the books I picked up at the library as part of the Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge and as part of the 2010: 100+ Readig Challenge. Both of which are hosted by J. Kaye of J. Kaye's Book Blog.
Soon I can say that I am done with the Tomorrow series by John Marsden. Just as soon as I finish reading The Night is For Hunting and The Other Side of Dawn.
Look for my review of The Other Side of Dark in the upcoming week (yes, I've already finished it).
Cannot wait to see what everyone else got this week.

1. Lord Loss was traded to my by Kelsey.
2. Along with Blood Beast.
3. The Night is for Hunting was borrowed from the library.
4. As was The Other Side of Dawn.
5. Along with The Other Side of Dark.
6. You can check out my post about The Support Your Local Library Challenge here.
7. Check out my post on the 100+ Reading Challenge 2010 here.


  1. OhMAN, you got some creepy looking books this week!

  2. Enjoy all your books!!

  3. Great books you got this week, I've read all of them and they are all really good. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

  4. Will be interested to read your reviews of those John Marsden titles...

  5. Enjoy the books you got, they do look a little bit too scary for me. :)

    Have fun!

  6. Great books! The covers are so creepy~

    Here's what I got this week:

    Take care! :D


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