Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Other Side of Dawn

Author: John Marsden
Title: The Other Side of Dawn1
Series: Tomorrow (book 7)
Number of Pages: 329
Publication Date: 1999
Genre: Teen Fiction
Synopsis: "Since their home was invaded by enemy soldiers and transformed into a war zone, Ellie and her friends have been fighting for their lives. Now a resolution may finally be in sight. But as enemy forces close in on her hideout, Ellie discovers that the final conflict just may be the most dangerous yet. And not everyone will survive. Nobody is safe in this exhilarating conclusion to Ellie's courageous struggle for freedom."

I must admit that I am kind of sad to see the Tomorrow series draw to a close, but at least the ending wasn't a total let down after all the time I invested in reading the series.

I think that The Other Side of Dawn is by far one of my all time favorite books in the whole series. I liked how when the end of the war came it wasn't tied up all neatly like a Hollywood ending were everyone lived happily ever after.
Of all the books I have read with a female that was the main protagonist, Ellie would definitely have to be one of my favorite MC's. Maybe it was because she faced her fear time and again to try and help her friends and her country.
The only odd thing about The Other Side of Dawn is that for the majority of the book Ellie is on her own; because she had been separated from her friends after their last act of defiance against the enemy.
The only thing I'm not going to tell you is who lives to see the end and who dies. So with that said I can't tell you about one of my favorite parts of the book. All I'll say is that the end was kind of bittersweet for Ellie and that those who survived were drastically changed. Ellie included.
On a whole the Tomorrow series is a high action, gut wrenching, emotional rollercoaster that I would totally re-read any day.

The Other Side of Dawn earns a full 5 out of 5 pineapples.
The Tomorrow series:
Tomorrow, When the War Began
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The Night is For Hunting
The Other Side of Dawn
1. The Other Side of Dawn was borrowed from the library.


  1. Great review. You always have such wonderful finds on your blog!

  2. I'm unfamiliar with this series. Thanks so much for the introduction. I'm so glad I found your blog, I love it. (Your #70 follower - love even numbers). I find myself so immersed in paranormal series, that sometimes I really need to step out and grab some other genres, I just might give this series a try. ♥ Parajunkee

  3. Welcome to my blog Parajunkee. :)

    Thanks for the nice comments, Alyssa and Parajunkee. :)


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