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Author: Anne McCaffrey
Title: Dragondrums1
Series: Harper Hall (book 3)
Publication Date: 1979
Number of Pages: 240
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: "In the world of Pern, Harpers with great musical ability are held in extreme regard. This is why the young, mischievous Piemur carries himself with so much pride, for he sings like an angel. But when his voice begins to change, Piemur loses all confidence and questions his role within Harper Hall."

Since I read both the Dragonsinger and Dragondrums back-to-back I decided to review them one after the other.

Dragondrums is the third book in the Harper Hall trilogy by Anne McCaffrey.
Dragondrums takes place about three years` after Dragonsinger; however the story follows Piemur this time with Menolly being only a minor character.
Since my saying this won't give anything away; it was kind of sad when Piemur's voice began to change shortly before the big performance. Especially since the part he was going to sing was written with his voice in mind by one of the Masters.
My favorite part of Dragondrums would have to be all the trouble that Piemur gets himself into. From breaking into one of the holds to get his hands on a fire lizard egg. I also liked how Piemur came to realize that he could be more then just a singer and how by the end of all the trials that he went through he seemed to have matured quite a bit.
I know this might sounds wrong, but it was kind of funny they way Menolly got all worried about Piemur when he went missing and the way she treated him like a little brother.
Although I’m sad to see the Harper Hall trilogy come to a close, I’m pleased with the way things ended and look forward to reading the rest of Anne McCaffrey’s books.

Dragondrums earns 5 out of 5 pineapples.
Harper Hall:
1. Dragondrums was borrowed from thew library.


  1. Riveting review on Dragondrums, this has started me thinking that I could probably create a dragon or find a dragon toy to alter, embellish or reincarnate and add to my creatures. Off to my work table with a little copper wire, some beads and who knows what else I'll recycle and use.

  2. I haven't read the book in years. Did he go to the Southern Continent in it? I was kind of surprised with the reread of The White Dragon at how feisty and mean-ish he was. I loved Piemur as a kid because he was so mischievous. He came around in The White Dragon, but I wish he had been a little more likeable in the book. I'm going to have to read The Harper Hall Trilogy again soon.

    By the way, I love Silas Marner. It's such a great book.

  3. Sounds interesting!!!

  4. Carin: Yeah, Dragondrums is the book where Piemur goes tpo the Southern Continent. :)


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