Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fool Moon

Author: Jim Butcher
Title: Fool Moon1
Series: The Dresden Files (book 2)
Publication Date: 2001
Number of Pages: 352
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Synopsis: "Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is Chicagos only openly practicing wizard. He is also dead broke. His vast knowledge and magical skills are unfortunately matched by his talent for making powerful enemies and alienating friends.

With little more than his integrity left, he accepts an offer of work from Lt. Karin Murphy of Chicago's Special Investigations Unit. He wants to redeem himself in Murphy's eyes and make enough money to quiet his rumbling stomach.
Soon he finds himself pinned between trigger-happy FBI agents, shape-shifiting motorcycle gang members, a threatened mobster boss, and an heir to an ancient curse along with his primal fiance. Thrown in environmental activists and a pair of young werewolves in love and you have something of Fool Moon."

It seems that last week was the week of reviews with the word dragon in the title, but this week I have moved on to the letter F instead.

Fool Moon was a thoroughly enjoyable read and a great follow up to the first book in the Dresden Files.
There are two main reasons for why I enjoyed reading Fool Moon: the first would be that they main character Harry got into some pretty tight jams and got roughed up quite a bit. Which in my opinion makes a character more endearing when they wind up battered and bruised from putting up a good fight. I found it refreshing to read about a character that got hurt and wasn't instantly healed by time the next chapter rolled around.
The other thing I liked about this book would have to be that there was more then just one type of werewolves that came into play in the book. I also liked the different stories behind how each of the different weres came about. I also enjoyed the witty one-liners; they gave the book a lighter feeling when it started to get a little dark.
As gruesome as this might sound my favorite part of the book would have to be when Harry is trying to stop the loup-garou that's running loose in the police department. I also liked the final showdown.
Since I can't recall what my least favorite part of the book was I'll just end my review by saying that Fool Moon was a very interesting read and that I plan on checking out the third book in the Dresden Files.

Fool Moon earns 4 out of 5 pineapples. 
1. Fool Moon was borrowed from the library.

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