Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gallows Hill

Author: Lois Duncan
Title: Gallows Hill1
Publication Date: 1997
Number of Pages: 227
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Synopsis: "When seventeen-year-old Sarah works in the fortune-telling booth at a school carnival, she finds that sometimes she can really see the future in the crystal ball, a talent that disturbs some of the other students and makes them suspect her of being a witch."

Wow! Gallows Hill was absolutely addictive. It was so good that I could barely put it down. It is also one of the best books by Lois Duncan that I have ever read.
Gallows Hill drew me in from the very beginning and even left thinking about what was going to happen next when I had to put it down for the night.
One of the things that made it hard to put down would how the story dealt both with the strangeness of Pine Crest and its residents that have an odd connection with things that happened during the Salem Witch Trials. Even though aren’t even in Massachusetts, Pine Crest was set in Missouri.
I actually liked the main character Sarah, she was one of the most interesting characters that I have read about in awhile, I liked how she refused to go along with Eric’s plan after it made her feel uncomfortable and she didn’t go along with things just because the “in crowd” was doing it.
I found Pine Crest to be way creepy with the extremes in which some of the town members went to keep anything occult or different from sticking around, like, burning down a bookstore that was owned by a new resident of Pine Crest.
My favorite part of Gallows Hill would have to be when the cheerleaders and the football team kidnap Sarah... if I told you the rest of the reason why it was my favorite scene you wouldn't have to read the book. But Gallows Hill is too good pass up on reading.
Least favorite part would have to be how pathetic Sarah's mom acted around her boyfriend Ted. While I couldn't stand Sarah's mother for most of the book, she redeemed herself near the end of the book. Though I wish she would've thrown Ted to the curb sooner. He totally irritated me.
Gallows Hill is an awesome supernatural thriller that is definitely worth giving a shot.

Gallows Hill earns 5 out of 5 pineapples.

1. Gallows Hill by Lois Duncan was borrowqed from the library.

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