Monday, February 15, 2010

The Last Days

Author: Scott Westerfeld
Title: The Last Days1
Series: Peeps (book 2)
Publication Date: 2006
Number of Pages: 286
Genre: YA/Sci-Fi
Synopsis: "A mysterious epidemic holds the city in its thrall and the chaos is contagious—black oil spews from fire hydrants, rats have taken over brooklyn, and every day, more people disappear. but all that matters to pearl, Moz, and Zahler is their new band. they ignore the madness around them and join forces with a vampire lead singer and a drummer whose fractured mind can glimpse the coming darkness. will their music stave off the end of the world . . . or summon it?

set against the gritty apocalypse that began in Peeps, The Last Days is about five teenagers who find themselves creating the soundtrack for the end of the world."

The Last Days is the follow up to Scott Westerfeld's book Peeps. Which puts the main characters from the in minor roles (meaning they where hardly mentioned).

While I really enjoyed reading The Last Days, I also enjoyed how each of the chapters was told from the perspective of the five members of the band. It took entirely too long to get down to the bones of the problem, like, the end of the world and the big battle.
Take away the fact that end game took awhile to get going, I loved the characters. My favorite characters would have to be Alana Ray and Pearl and occasionally even Moz. I liked Alana Ray because she was a fascinating character, but the thing I liked the most about her would have to be how she used paint buckets as drums. Pearl, I liked her because she was driven; although I did end up feeling bad for her most of the book. The only time I really liked Moz was when he was playing the guitar, other then that he kind of got on my nerves.
As you can probably guess my favorite part of the book would have to be when the action, what there was of it, finally started. I also liked the "Angels" which were actually the peeps that had gone through treatment, and were slightly sane again, who fought against the giant worm things.
While The Last Days took awhile to get going I enjoyed it more then the previous book.

The Last Days earns 4 1/2 out of 5 pineapples.

The Last Days
1. The Last Days was borrowed from the library.


  1. Nice review, I have the first book to this series but I haven't read it yet, hopefully I get to it soon! :P

  2. I havn't read anysthing from this author but it looks good.


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