Saturday, April 17, 2010

In My Mailbox (41)

In My Mailbox was started by Kristi of The Story Siren and inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. Sadly the only books I order are those that are hard to find. The following books are from the library and bookstores.

Author: Heather Brewer
Title: Eighth Grade Bites
Series: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (book 1)
Publication Date: 2007
Synopsis: “Vlad has to keep his vampire urges under control while dealing with the pressures of middle school. Thirteen-year-old Vladimir Tod really hates junior high. Bullies harass him, the principal is dogging him, and the girl he likes prefers his best friend. Oh, and Vlad has a secret: His mother was human, but his father was a vampire. With no idea of the extent of his powers, Vlad struggles daily with his blood cravings and his enlarged fangs. When a substitute teacher begins to question him a little too closely, Vlad worries that his cover is about to be blown. But then he faces a much bigger problem: He's being hunted by a vampire killer."

Author: Heather Brewer
Title: Ninth Grade Slays
Series: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (book 2)
Publication Date: 2008
Synopsis: “High school totally bites when you're half human, half vampire.

Freshman year sucks for Vlad Tod. Bullies still harass him. The photographer from the school newspaper is tailing him. And failing his studies could be deadly. A trip to Siberia gives “study abroad” a whole new meaning as Vlad connects with other vampires and advances his mind-control abilities, but will he return home with the skills to recognize a vampire slayer when he sees one? In this thrilling sequel to Eighth Grade Bites, Vlad must confront the secrets of the past and battle forces that once again threaten his life."

Author: Rev. John W. Lynch, S.M.
Title: Bernadette: The Only Witness
Publication Date: 1981
Synopsis: “St. Bernadette was blessed with the privilege of seeing the Mother of God during her lifetime, but she still was not granted complete happiness her on earth.

The Blessed Mother told her that she could not promise her happiness in this life, but in the next.
In St. Bernadette’s story, we see a shining example of how to overcome our sufferings here on earth so as to gain the happiness of heaven.”

Author: Peter Dickinson
Title: Angle Isle
Series: Ropemaker (book 2)
Publication Date: 2006
Synopsis: "The spellbinding sequel to the prizewinning novel The Ropemaker.

Once the twenty-four most powerful magicians in the Empire pledged to use their magic only to protect the people. But the promise that bound them has now corrupted them. They have become a single, terrible entity with a limitless desire for domination. Only the Ropemaker may be able to stop them, but he has not been seen for more than two hundred years."

Author: Tom Clancy and Diane Duane
Title: Runaways
Series: Net Force Explorers (book 16)
Publication Date: 2001
Synopsis: "Net Force Explorer Megan O'Malley tracks her missing equestrian teammate Burtto a mysterious online courier business--a service to which many runaways aresent out, but few ever return."

I would like to thank Dahlia who gave me the first two Vlad Tod books to me; Thanks D. Now I can re-read them when ever it suits my fancy; especially since they’re both great reads.
Bernadette: The Only Witness was borrowed from my Mom’s collection of religious books. I picked up the story about Bernadette because she was in my top ten Patron Saint list; plus it sounds like an interesting read.
The rest are books that I picked up on my latest library run; I'm super excited about getting to read Tom Clancy's Runaways. Along with Peter Dickinson's Angle Isle, which is the sequel to The Ropemaker. *yay*
I was going to read Dead Until Dark, but Holland read it before I did and said that it wouldn't be something I would enjoy. So I'm not reading it now.
Hope y'all have a great week in books.



  1. I've seen the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, but I've never read them, since I though the cover was kind of strange, but maybe I will sometime . . .

  2. The Vlad Todd books look real good! Lucky you!

  3. Ooh great books - I really want to read the Vlad series but haven't got around to buying it yet! I hope you enjoy them :o)

    I love your blog background - it reminds me of the cover of Nearly Departed by Rook Hastings

  4. i've heard the vladimir todd series is great!


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