Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wish List wednesday (7)

To Hawaii, with Love by Michael Spradlin, 2006
Hawaii, here I come!

So, it turns out I'm this reincarnated goddess. Whatever that means. Of course, being a goddess apparently doesn't come with perfect hair or decent skin or even any neat-o superpowers. Nope. Apparently the only thing I get for being a goddess is one stark-raving mad nemesis — in this case, the old bull god Mithras, or at least this lunatic named Simon Blankenship, who thinks he's the present-day reincarnation of Mithras. And the only thing standing between him and total world domination?
Oh, right: me.
As if!
So now we have to find these seven talismans of power before he does. On the plus side, it turns out that one of them is in Hawaii . . . and hey, I bet we could fit some surfing in around saving the world, right?
Well, a goddess has got to do what a goddess has got to do!

Why: Because the first book, Live and Let shop, was one of the best light spy books that I have ever read. Plus this series now has a manga or two; and the characters were all pretty interesting. Besides I've been meaning to get this one since it came out fout years ago. :)

Update: I have read some many books this year, 71 or 72 last time I checked, that I'm going to take a week off from reading. So there won't be any IMM this week but I will try to get some more reviews finished and posted this week.

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