Thursday, July 1, 2010

Napoleon's Pyramids (DNF)

Author: William Dietrich
Title: Napoleon’s Pyramids
Series: Ethan Gage (book 1)
Publication Date: 2007
Number of Pages: 400
Genre: Historical fiction
Synopsis: “What mystical secrets lie beneath the Great Pyramids? The world changes for Ethan Gage—one-time assistant to the renowned Ben Franklin—on a night in post-revolutionary Paris, when he wins a mysterious medallion in a card game. Framed soon after for the murder of a prostitute and facing the grim prospect of either prison or death, the young expatriate American barely escapes France with his life—choosing instead to accompany the new emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, on his glorious mission to conquer Egypt. With Lord Nelson's fleet following close behind, Gage sets out on the adventure of a lifetime. And in a land of ancient wonder and mystery, with the help of a beautiful Macedonian slave, he will come to realize that the unusual prize he won at the gaming table may be the key to solving one of history's greatest and most perilous riddles: who built the Great Pyramids . . . and why?”

I should start out by saying that Napoleon’s Pyramids was a DNF for me. I had a little over one-hundred pages left and I just couldn’t take the story or the MC (Ethan Gage) anymore. So instead of finishing it, I read the last chapter and it ended about the way that I thought it would.
My biggest problem with the story/plot would have to be that while there were a lot of different events going on, it just felt like the story took forever to progress and get anything done.
The reason I didn’t like Ethan Gage was that he was just your typical general fiction (action book) character. He was a womanizer and just generally unlikeable by me, plus his character just came across as… well unoriginal.
The story sounded interesting enough, but some scenes could have used with a visit to the chopping block because they were too drawn out and I felt like the same thing was covered for too many pages.
While Napoleon’s Pyramids wasn’t my cup o’ tea, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that you shouldn’t read it (too each his/her own).

Napoleon’s Pyramids earns 2 out 5 pineapples.


  1. Not so good, huh? I might try it out though, since it's historical fiction. Although, I'd probably end up yelling at the main character, based on how you described him.

  2. That stinks. One of the things I hate most is finding a book that sounds interesting, and then not liking it. Hope you have better luck with your next book!


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