Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Catch-Up Read-A-Thon

Yep, I have signed up for yet another read-a-thon, and this one comes at just the right time because I am so far behind in books that I need to read.
Interested in participating, click here to signup. Read-a-thon runs from Sept 20, 8 am- Sept 26, 8 pm.

Don't know what all I'll read for it, but I thought I'd start with:
The Shadow Club- Neal Shusterman

Updated 9/25/10

Currently Reading:
Death Note, VOL 1

The Shadow Club- Neal Shusterman
Model Spy- Shannon Greenland
The Game- Diana Wynne Jones
Ouran High School Host Club, VOL 1- Bisco Hatori
Ouran High School Host Club, VOL 2- Bisco Hatori
Fruits Basket, VOL 2, Natsuki Takaya

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