Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Read-A-Thon

I know, this is like my fourth or fifth read-a-thon this year (and that's just since the summer), but I could not resist the chance to read supernatural themed books. Thanks to Lesley of Young Adult Books Reviewed for this awesome read-a-thon.

For those wondering what exactly the read-a-thons about? Read below for a little info about it and than follow the link for more info and to sign up. Halloween Read-A-Thon runs from Oct. 15-17.
What does this readathon entail you ask? Good question!

For this readathon: read Halloween themed stuff. Not necessarily with the day of Halloween, or even the month. None of that (unless you want to). What I am thinking is examples like this: vampires, ghosts, witches, werewolves, shifters, immortals, urban legends, zombies, anything horror or paranormal related.
Sign up HERE. For more info click HERE.

I'm considering reading the following books:
Nightmarys- Dan Poblocki
Ghosts, Ghouls and Other Nightmares- various authors.

Reading now:
Sorcerers of the Nightwing- Geoffrey Huntington

Jade Green: A Ghost Story- Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
The Half-Made World- Felix Gilman

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  1. Yay...another read-a-thon for us! I wonder if it will become another trending topic amongst the blogs...blogging no-no, participating in too many read-a-thons...LOL! I will say that I lost 3 followers during the 24 hour read-a-thon last weekend so it might be the case. Oh, well. I will continue to march to the beat of my own drum....and join in on as many read-a-thons as I want! ;O) Hope you have fun this weekend. Happy reading!


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