Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Computer has CRASHED!!!!

Hey guys, there's going to be a lack of posts for awhile. My computer CRASHED a few days ago and erased all the reviews I had written up (including the ones for both Zan-Gah books and Taken by the Others). So I'll be using my dads computer and trying to rewrite everything that was lost. :(

I'm off to try and locate the missing software discs, so that I can (maybe) restore it to working order. Although, I'm not holding my breath on that working even if I can find it.

I hope to have something new posted for y'all later this week (hopefully).



  1. I'm so sorry your computer crashed and you lost all that information! Ouch! I hope something works out.

  2. The Golden Eagle: Thanks!
    I too hope something works out. ^_^

  3. That's terrible. Good luck with finding the discs.

  4. Sucks mate. Hope things work out.


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