Monday, December 13, 2010

ARC NoMansLand (DNF)

NoMansLand (ARC) by Lesley Hauge, 2010. Source: Won from a contest.
Sometime in the future, a lonely, windswept island is populated solely by women. Among these women is a group of teenaged Trackers—expert equestrians and archers—whose job is to protect their shores from the enemy. The enemy, they’ve been told, is men. When these girls come upon a partially buried home from the distant past, they are fascinated by the strange objects—high-heeled shoes, teen magazines, make-up—found there. What are they to make of these mysterious things? And what does it mean for their strict society where friendship is forbidden and rules must be obeyed—at all costs?

I guess I should start by saying that I didn’t finish reading my ARC of NoMansLand, I tried really I did, but I just wasn’t feeling the story or the MC.

I really liked the whole concept of the plot; it was definitely different, which would usually make it something I’d love. I just wish I had been able to connect with the MC a bit better.

When I found out what NoMansLand was about, I thought it was going to be…well not like it ended up being, I thought there was going to be more action in the book.

What I didn’t like about NoMansLand was that here just didn’t seem to really be anything going on throughout the story. One of the reasons I couldn’t get into the book was that there just wasn’t enough character interaction to keep me invested in the story.

I was really hoping that I would like NoMansLand, but it turned out not to be the book for me. The premise of the story was interesting, but there just wasn’t enough going on to grab my attention. Although I’ll probably give the book a second chance at some later point in time, too see if my opinion changes.

Final Verdict: WhileNoMansLand might not have been the book for me, I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself what you think of it.

NoMansLand earns 2 and ½ pineapples.


  1. Sounds interesting...though if you couldn't get through it I might skip it.

  2. I finished this and enjoyed it - but like you was disappointed in some areas - especially the fact that there was so little action. The premise and summary made it sound much more exciting. It was more a psychological look at society. Not what I expected either.

  3. It's too bad you didn't like it enough to finish! It's so disappointing when books don't live up to expectations.

    I recently read this book--I found the psychological ideas instead of action a plus, but it did slow down in parts.

  4. I tend to like books with a lot of action. I think I'll pass on this one, but I like your honest review. Also, thanks for checking out my blog.

  5. I finished this one, but I was very meh about it due to the strange attraction the girls had to beauty. I found it just a wee bit demeaning.


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