Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Graphic Novels Challenge 2011

Thanks to Kai of Fiction State of Mind for pointing me in the direction of the Graphic Novels Challenge hosted by Vasilly of 1330V.
I must say that I'm super excited about participating in this challenge, especially since I have two or three boxes of comics that could use a re-read and since I seem to be going through a graphic novel addiction at the moment.
For more information about this challenge click HERE.

I'm shooting for expert in this challenge, which would mean I'd have to read 10 or more books.

Books Read for Challenge:
1. Emiko Superstar
2. Batman: Hush 1

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  1. Orchid. thanks for joining the graphic novel challenge. There's also the manga challenge hosted by Rhinoa at mangachallenge.blogspot.com


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