Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Working On....

An about me page, and well I need your help. Whenever I start working on it my brain just goes completely blank.
I'm looking for some suggestions about random things readers may want to know about me. I figured it was about time that I put up something so y'all could now just a wee bit more about me.
So if you have a burning question you'd like to ask me, go ahead and I'll take all questions under consideration and answer the ones that aren't going to give too much away (I'm shy and like my privacy, but want y'all to know a little more about me). ^_^
You can either twitter me your question @HauntedOrchid, leave a comment, or fill out my contact form.
Thanks for the help.


  1. I love "About me" pages.This is mine, if you want to look at it and get some ideas. I just wrote about why I started blogging, my favourite books & genres, a little about who I am. It's really just anything you want to write, I suppose.

  2. I have the same problem! I've been trying to write an about me page for a couple months now, but just haven't found a format I like or figured out what I should put in it yet. Hopefully I'll finish mine soon.

    Hmm, burning questions, burning questions...
    Sorry, but no questions come to mind. Maybe it's because I already know you. ;)


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