Sunday, January 2, 2011

L.J. Smith Reading Challenge 2011 Sign Ups

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After searching the blogosphere high and low, and failing to find an author reading challenge for the upcoming year to partake in, I have decided that it was high time that I hosted my own.
After much consideration, I have decided to make it for one of my favorite authors, L.J. Smith. Not only do I have many of her books, but I also have a few that I have yet to get around to reading and some that I would love to re-read. So I thought, what better way to motivate myself and others to either re-read her books or to introduce a new reader, than a reading challenge.

Not sure what L.J. Smith writes, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of series written by her to help you get started.

  • Night World (9 books bound by threes, and one single that has yet to come out yet)
  • Dark Visions (3 books)
  • The Forbidden Game (3 books)
  • Secret Circle (3 books, comes in two volumes)
  • The Vampire Diaries (*original series* 4 books + 3 new additions to the series)
  • Stefan’s Diaries (1 book)
The challenge will run from Jan. 1 2011, through Dec. 31 2011. Books read before signing up will count, just so long as they are within the challenge time frame.

  • Sign up on Mr. Linky at the bottom of the post by putting your name and your blog name. no blog, no problem, just say so in the comments (or you could link to a goodreads page or wherever). You can sign-up at any time.
  • Write a post about the challenge with your goal and what you’ll be reading (if you know).
  • Book challenge sharing is aloud, nay, it is encouraged.
  • The most important rule…Have Fun!
There will be three different levels in the reading challenge. Don’t worry, they’ll be super easy and definitely doable in a year without getting in the way of other books.
  • Testing the Waters- 4 books
  • Feeling Daring- 7 books
  • Ultimate Fan- 10 or more books

I myself am shooting to read the first nine books of the Night World series and the four original Vampire Diaries books.

As soon as I make some challenge buttons i'll post them.

Good Luck and Happy Reading.


  1. Ooh. Okay, my goal [yes, I know, I'm kinda an over achiever)will be to find and read EVERY book L.J. Smith has ever written. It'll be hard, but I have all year, right?
    -That girl from PI

  2. Im in for the whole LJ night world series :)


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