Friday, January 7, 2011

L.J. Smith Reading Challenge

I almost forgot to make a post for my own challenge. *hangs head in shame*. Just click the reading chellenge button and it'll take you right to the sign up page.
Haven't signed up yet, well there is still plenty of time
I am going to ambitious and will shoot for the Fanatic level, which means I will try to read all of the L.J. Smith books that I own adding to 16 books. If I manage to finish them all I'm going to borrow from the library any books they have that I don't.

Books Read:
1. Secret Vampire (Night World 1)
2. Daughters of Darkness (Night World 2) review coming soon
3. Spellbinder (Night World 3)


I read, and am working on replying, to all the comments y'all leave. All comments are moderated by me, so, if you don't see it automatically that's why.
Psst, there is no "Word Verification" on the comments. =)

Keep on being awesome!


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