Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tiny Update: A Look Back at This Weeks Happenings On the Blog

Because I'm in the mood to do another post and my eyes itch entirely too much to sit down and read (sad, I know), I thought I'd regale ya with links to what the blogs been up to this past week.
Hope y'all don't mind the slightly out of the norm post.

What I've reviewed this week:
My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent. Come see why I thought it deserved 5 pineapples.
Emiko Superstar by Mariko Tamaki and Steve Rolston. I like it, but only enough for 3 1/2 pineapples (want to know why it earned that?)

News-ish posts:
The Inheritance Cycle final cover/title/publication date reveal. At long last news on the last book by Christopher Paolini in the Inheritance Cycle. No let the joyful squeeing begin. Also check out my post where I test the waters to see who would want to do a reading challenge for the series.

Last bit of Inheritance news on my blog this week. Due to the positive feedback from fans of the series, I have already put together the The Inheritance Re-reading Challenge (open to long time fans and those reading it for the first time). For all the deets and to sign up visit the link.

Cover Reveal for Circle of Fire by Michelle Zink. I cannot believe that the series will be drawing to a close later this year, but I am glad to see that the the last cover is just as awesome as the first two.

Contest News:
There's still time to enter for your chance to win The Dawn Country by W. Michael and Kathleen O'Neal Gear. The Dawn country has been one of my favorite reads for the year so far, so I hope you'll stop by and enter for your chance to win this great book. Ends 3/31; US only. enter -> HERE
Where I made a post about Leah Clifford's author copy contest.

Memes and whatnot:
Teaser Tuesday featuring My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent. I can't believe I've already done over thirty of these posts.
Wish List Wednesday in which I wish for Close to Famous by Joan Bauer (much love for this author).
IMM, in which I have a very awesome week in books. Plus you can check out what my librarian lent me.

My blog features:
So I'm thinking of changing the name of my newest feature (Time Warp). I like the name, but I have an even better name for it. What do y'all think of Vintage Reads? There's also still a couple of days left to vote for next months read. I'd really appreciate y'alls help with picking what will be the first official read for my feature. To see the list of awesomesauce books and to VOTE for what you think I should read go -> HERE.

Let me know if y'all would like to see this be a regular staple at The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia. Maybe y'all can even think of a shorter name for it...hmm.

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