Friday, May 27, 2011

Follow Friday II

I really enjoyed participating in Follow Friday last week, and I found some pretty amazing new blogs/bloggers to follower. So I here I am again this week. :)

This week's question is....How many books do you read in a week? And in what format do you read them, or listen to them?

I had to go back and look, but if I don't have anything pressing to do I can read about four books and ten manga in a week. No ebooks for me and I still haven't tried audiobooks.
I'm currently hosting two contests right now, one for Cinderella: Ninja Warrior by Maureen McGowan (ends May 30) and the other is for an ecopy of Vampires Rule by K.C. Blake (ends June 9).

You can also vote for what I'll read next month on Vintage Reads. This month's theme is Spies/Mysteries, vote HERE.


  1. A fellow FF participant popping by to say hi! Beautiful blog. :-) Everyone seems to be able to read so many books each week, it makes me jealous - I'm such a slow reader that I'm lucky to get 1 or 2 read! lol

  2. You crazy speedy reader ^_~ That's the nice thing about manga, though. It's easy to digest them pretty quickly. Graphic novels can be the same. I'm also a non-ereader.

    New follower ^_^

    Here's my FF and BBH:

    sinn @ sinnful books

  3. Hey hey

    Hopping by from FF.

    I love your blog, it's stunning.

    Amy (new follower)

  4. Happy Friday!
    I just voted
    and I'm following your blog now.

  5. Hi, I'm a new follower just hopping through. I have been wanting to read Vampires Rule, but haven't gotten to it yet. Happy Friday, Rebecca

  6. This was a nice book blogger question. My answer will probably embarrass me in comparison with my peers!

    Follow me back to my blog at prepare to be stunned –

    Thank G-d it’s Follow Friday with a long weekend ahead. Everyone enjoy!

    Howard A. Sherman

  7. Hey you, just stopping by on the follow & hop
    I have issues with books made into movies!
    Come see why!
    Have a terrific weekend reading !!!
    See ya!
    Readaholics Anonymous

  8. I don't do ebooks either or audiobooks, actually. I just like "real" books - guess I'm kind of old-fashioned that way :)

    Glad to have found your blog!


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