Friday, June 17, 2011

Follow Friday (4)

Q. Genre Wars! What's your favorite genre and which book in that genre made it your favorite?
Without a doubt my favorite genre is fantasy; although there is more than one book that made it my favorite. My love of fantasy books started when I ran across two different authors through the library, Anne McCaffrey and Jane Yolen. The first books I read by them were Harper Hall trilogy (Anne McCaffrey) and The Pit Dragon trilogy (Jane Yolen), both series were just so well crafted and amazing that I quickly became hooked on the genre.

Cannot wait to see what everyone else had to say about this week's question. Happy FF to all. :)
Things of interest on ye olde blog this week:
This week I reviewed Deceived by the Others by Jess Haines and Peach Girl 1 by Miwa Ueda.
You can also see what I found tease worthy from DbtO on my Teaser Tuesday post. Lastly, you can see what books I'm wishing for this week on Wish List Wednesday.
Oops, I nearly forgot this piece of news- wait for it- later today ya'll can check out a lovely guest post'll just have to check back at 10:00 am (est) to see who stopped by this week.

You can also vote for what I'll read/review in next months edition of Vintage Reads. There are two fabulous YA/MG fantasy choices to choose from. If you do vote, THANKS so much (it will definitely make my day since so far there's only be one vote.)
Vote HERE.  ^_^


  1. Hi & Happy Friday!

    A great choice!

    My FF,

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi,

    stopping by for the follow friday!
    New follower!
    have a wonderfull weekend
    Kyanara from the Life of a BookAholic

  3. Love the blog, beautiful!

    New follower! Happy reading, friend!

    Nikki @ Books Most Wanted

  4. The Pit Dragon trilogy was one of my all-time favorites! I love your blog :D

    I am a new follower stopping by from the Hop!

    Happy Friday!!!

  5. Hey stopping by from follow friday, great choices & great blog! Looking forward to more posts. Have a great weekend. New follower!

    Darcy @ Open Book Empty Cup


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