Saturday, June 4, 2011

What I'll Be Reading During the Readathon

*I'll probably do most of my updating via twitter tomorrow with maybe one or updates added to this post. You can find me on twitter @HauntedOrchid*

Ya'll know that I am a total read-a-thon junkie, so when I came across the latest one via Twitter I knew I'd be joining in.
There's still time to join up if you're interested. All you need to do is stop by HERE and sign yourself on up (the readathon will be June 4...tomorrow). *it's as easy as that*
I hope to see my fellow book/readathon junkies during it.

Now, on to what I WILL be reading during it. As of right now I have ten books that I plan on reading that day, granted they're all manga except for one.

My Read-A-Thon reading list:
Yurara 1
Black Butler 1
Invincible by Sherrlyn Kenyon

Now Reading:
Romeo & Juliet. (almost done with it)

Who knows, I might add some more.

Hayate: The Combat Butler (208 pages)
MeruPuri 1 (192)
I, Robot (272)
Amazing Agent Luna 4
Death Note: Hard Run 3
Alice 19th: The Lotis Master 1
Tail of the Moon 1
Peach Girl 1
Skip Beat! 2
Angelic Layer 2
Yurara 1

Happy readathoning to all and good luck!

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