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Amnesia Labyrinth 2

Amnesia Labyrinth 2 by Nagaru Tanigawa & Natsumi Kohane, 2011. 192 pages. Published by Tor/Seven Seas. Source: from publisher for review.
“Your little sister is a MURDERER. Just like YOU.”

With the police no closer to finding the killer responsible for the murders of three high school students, Souji Kushiki and his plucky girlfriend Yukako continue down their own path of investigation. While Yukako seems to hit a dead end in her detective work, Souji has his own disturbing suspicions. He’s narrowed down the list of suspects to just a handful of people: his family!
Could one of his clingy, possessive younger sisters really be the killer? Or could the dark truth go deeper than even Souji imagined? Whatever the answer, someone else will soon die and Souji’s world will be rocked to the core!
After reading the second volume of Amnesia Labyrinth I'm find myself having mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I'm really enjoying the mystery surrounding the characters and who the potential murderer(s) might be, but on the other hand I'm not liking having to skip over parts do to some of the content.
Volume two picks up pretty much where the first one ended, in that Souji has decided to confront his...older brother (or something) over the murders that are being committed. 

What I did like about this volume of Amnesia Labyrinth was how the mystery is slowly beginning to come together, I'm also quite positive that I have not the slightest idea who the murderer is anymore (its just that well concealed).
Out of all the manga I've read that were mysteries, I think Amnesia Labyrinth would have to be the best simply because of the absolute brilliant job that the writers have done in crafting such an indepth story filled that has kept me on my toes.   
While I found Amnesia Labyrinth to be a generally enjoyable read, I do have a couple of points that I didn't like about it. My first problem would be the, umm, relationship between Souji and his half-sister (well, I think that's how they're related, but I'm not sure).
The other problem/thing I didn't like about Amnesia Labyrinth was (best way I can describe it) that in the last few pages it was like some one just went and added a bunch of crazy to the story line. Admittedly, I was a bit confused near the end with the addition of a set of characters, mainly because I'm not all together positive if they are real or a figment of a characters imagination.

Two volumes in and I'm still not sure how I feel about any of the characters. It's not that they aren't interesting, because they are, but it might just be that I cannot not figure out what side of the line of good/bad they're on.
While I may not feel to much warmth towards Souji and his sisters, I am really enjoying that Yukako is playing a bigger role in the book then I had first thought she would. I like her because she's plucky and has an odd sense of humor. Plus, she may just be the only character that might be able to solve the murders that are being committed.

The artwork is still absolutely stunning and one of the things that I've enjoyed the most while reading both volumes of Amnesia Labyrinth.
I think the illustrator did an exceptional job in bringing the characters to life and creating such a vivid backdrop.

Final Verdict: Amnesia Labyrinth 2 is both stunning (artwork and mystery) and confusing (storyline).

Amnesia Labyrinth 2 earns 4 out of 5 pineapples.

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