Friday, July 15, 2011

Follow Friday (7/15)

I was so busy writing posts that I completely forgot that it was Friday. =)

Q. What do I do when I are not reading?

Ooh, I like this question. When I'm not reading I'm usually getting posts all lined up for my blog (that's not all). I also take time away from reading to play video games, accomplish whatever chores I need to do, watch movies, and volunteer at the food pantry once a month.
If I can find both the time and motivation I work on outlining and where I want my book to go (I'm still in the panning stages). =) 


  1. Good ways to keep busy! Hope the outlining is going well!

  2. Old follower hopping by! That's wonderful that you get to do a little volunteer work. Most of my volunteering is just with my family. :-)

  3. Very awesome that you help out at the food pantry!!

    I'm still in planning stage of my novel too...I've been stuck there for awhile! LOL

  4. new follower here! what video games do you play? i get hooked on games so quickly -- i probably should've add that to my answer for this FF question. Happy Friday!

  5. @Trish: I love all the Ace Attorney games, along mystery detective games. =)

  6. Aw, I miss plating video games! We still haven't gotten them up in the new apartment! Sigh.

    Happy Follow Friday! :D My answer can be found here.

    Rebecca at Kindle Fever

  7. I'm also a new follower! And your header is gorgeous. :D

  8. Hopping through. You're further along then me. I think about a book I want to write (actually several) but am too lazy to get to outlining. I think I'm more of a spontaneous plotter.
    My Hop


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